Luxury Leather designs

ART-traditonally thought of-consist of paintings, sculptures, dances, music, or words that adorn walls, museums, performance spaces, or the pages of a book. No matter where it is found, exceptional art enhances beauty, augments intrigue, and facilitates discussion. Ruby’s wearable creations-couture hats, cuffs, dresses, and headpieces-acheive these goals. Her work donned by men and women compels others to exclaim, “Wow! Who made that? Where can I get one? It’s stunning!” Great artistis inspire and evoke emotion; Ruby is a great artist.
— Kevin Hislop

The Vision

Ruby always enjoyed creating accessories out of anything she could find. She especially loves vintage jewelry and would redesign pieces that complimented each other to create her own look. Her designs were always so unique they started conversations.

Style & Quality

Ruby is drawn to unique fashion pieces that create movement and texture. Her accessories will enhance any outfit one wears. You will be noticed in her designs, they are big statement pieces. She uses the finest exotic leathers, Swarovski Crystals, and sturdy hardware.

100% Handmade

Ruby has teamed up with American Hat Makers in Watsonville, CA. The #1 Cut and Sew hat manufacturer in the USA. They have the best production team who are highly skilled artisans. All her designs are hand created by herself and the amazing production team.